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When you partner with Hitachi, you’ll be able to take advantage of one big competitive advantage: using the latest technology from a number of our sister companies. This includes everything from computer chips to powertrain and drive-control systems.

For example, Hitachi Mining excavators and mining trucks use a Hitachi-made central controller. This device monitors and diagnoses all onboard controls. It is so sophisticated it can handle the job of many different controllers made by other manufacturers.

Integrated Bipolar Transistor (IGBT)

Hitachi is the only truck manufacturer in the world to provide its own IGBT controller, alternator and wheel motors.

As opposed to GTO (Gate Turn-Off Thyristor), IGBT units are smaller and lighter. This results in a higher pulse frequency for lower firing current, less heat, smoother acceleration process and reduced tractive noise. Benefits include higher availability, lower operating cost, easy removal and installation, and easy repair.

Hitachi has been in the electrical-drive-system business for years - first with GTO, now with IGBT. You can find Hitachi IGBT in commuter electric cars, locomotives and monorails in Australia, Brazil, China, Indonesia, South Africa, and Thailand and bullet trains in Japan. More than 400 IGBT-based systems have been installed worldwide since 1992.

Now Hitachi has migrated our IGBT into haul-truck applications, such as the EH3500ACII, EH4000ACII and the brand new EH5000AC-3.

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Hitachi Mining

At Hitachi Mining, we specialize in shovels and haulers. The result? More productivity. Faster work. Daily reliability. And a better bottom line.



Hitachi Forestry

With Hitachi Foresters you get tough, next-class-up swing and travel systems, strengthened, rugged upper structure and heavy-duty undercarriage.