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Jobsite Analysis

Hitachi’s jobsite analysis program – Consult – is a comprehensive application that helps mining equipment purchasers and operation managers better manage their fleet.

Consult finds the lowest cost equipment alternatives, predicts the production and O&O cost of hauling and loading equipment, compares the price and specifications among competing equipment, and prepares a report making its recommendation that utilizes supporting tables and graphs.

It is available in two configurations:

  1. Public version – features just Hitachi products.
  2. Robust version – contains a broad spectrum of machinery from a variety of manufacturers, which can only be accessed by Hitachi dealers.


Point-and-click equipment specification

Specifying equipment is as simple as pointing at the equipment options you want and clicking a button. Consult automatically retrieves the price, weight and complete physical performance characteristics for each machine and each option.

Comprehensive database

Consult’s database contains complete specifications on Hitachi and Euclid products. Easily compare specifications on the screen or print them out.

Road editor

Consult’s road editor makes the process of building road profiles a snap. The editor is presented in a “spreadsheet” style format and has been customized to make data entry and error checking easier.

Performance simulation

Consult contains an extremely complex simulation module which predicts machine performance over specified road profiles.

Comparison graphs

An extensive graphing capability is built into Consult giving you the ability to effectively compare various machines. Graphs include bar charts, line charts, rimpull curves, loader pass charts and parametric equipment drawings.

Expert system

Within the automatic reports is a “Summary” chapter that selects the best equipment for you and the reasons why. The system doesn’t just generate more paper with meaningless numbers. It generates answers, proclaims a “winner” and presents the supporting detail.


This module performs a complex financial analysis to help you answer the simple question of “Do I buy new or keep the old?” The program uses MAPI’s capital replacement model to generate a simple-to-understand ROI answer.



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Safety and Training

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