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Extended Warranty

There’s enough day-to-day stress in day-to-day operations without worrying about unpredictable machine-repair expenses. That’s why you owe it to yourself – and your bottom line – to find out about Extended Warranty.

Extended Warranty is a factory-backed extended warranty that’s flexible enough to meet the needs of any business or government agency. Call your Hitachi dealer for all the facts today.

Standard Warranty covers defects in material or workmanship in construction and forestry equipment. That means Hitachi will fix these failures during the warranty period, just for doing business with Hitachi. Check with your dealer for details.

But these days, many machine owners want more protection. Whether it’s because of machine application or a way to minimize the risk of doing business, extended warranties are an excellent way to protect your cash flow.

Hitachi also offers the StructurAll™ warranty that goes above and beyond the standard warranties. The StructurAll warranty provides three years of 10,000 hours of “no-fear” coverage on major machine structures as installed at the factory free of charge, including booms, Rollover Protection Structure (ROPS), and mainframes.

Extended Warranty Details

Extended Warranty is an additional manufacturer backed warranty program: 

  • It’s backed by Hitachi – and honored by all Hitachi dealers.
  • It goes where you go. A machine covered by an Extended Warranty can be taken to any Hitachi dealer for service.*
  • There is no deductible during the Standard Warranty and only a low $200 deductible on non-power train repairs during Comprehensive Extended Warranty.
  • Financing is available through Hitachi finance programs.

What it Pays to Extend

Your Extended Coverage warranties provide additional protection that shields you from risk and stress. They are a valuable management tool because they give you fixed costs for machine repairs during the warranty period.

Feel Secure About Certified Used Equipment

You can purchase Certified Used Equipment from participating dealers:

  • For construction equipment with less than 5,000 hours and newer than five years old.
  • For select forestry equipment with less than 10,000 hours and newer than five years old. See your Hitachi dealer for a list of eligible models.
  • Three, six, or 12 months of coverage includes Powertrain and Powertrain plus Hydraulics.

Owner Responsibility

All you have to do is perform scheduled maintenance as outlined in the operator’s manual and keep accurate maintenance records – something you do already.

 In addition, some items are not covered by Extended Warranty, including but not limited to:

  • Ground-engaging tools such as cutting edges and bucket teeth.
  • Maintenance items such as oil and filters.
  • Hydraulic pressure checks and adjustments.
  • Wear items such as undercarriage components, pin and bushing joints, tires, rubber tracks, or bulbs.
  • Hauling expenses, travel time, mileage, overtime or second shift.

*Some restrictions may apply. See your Hitachi dealer for complete details.



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