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Why Hitachi

When you partner with Hitachi, you’ll quickly discover why we’ve built a reputation for high productivity, low maintenance costs and high reliability.

Dealer Network

Hitachi Mining, Hitachi Construction and Hitachi Forestry products are sold and supported by a network of local dealers backed by the full force of Hitachi.

The level of support provided depends on you, the equipment owner. Through the warranty period, mechanics stand by to ensure your shovel, backhoe or rigid frame haul truck provides full satisfaction.

But beyond the warranty period, your Hitachi dealer is ready to provide - at a minimum - training, parts management, component rebuilds and on-demand mechanic services. At the same time, each dealer is trained and capable of providing the support of a full Maintenance and Repair Contract (MARC) agreement at a competitive cost.

Engineering & Factories

To better serve our mining customers, Hitachi has invested in several new factories near the Hitachi-Naka port in Japan. One is devoted exclusively to large excavators and rigid frame haul trucks. The Guelph, Ontario, truck plant (Euclid's manufacturing home for many years) builds the EH5000AC-3 truck, as well as the EH4000AC-II.

Every component of each model is thoroughly engineered, tested, revised and tested again. Only then is it allowed to go into the field as a pre-production model for a minimum of one year while Hitachi engineers constantly monitor all components for correctness in design functionality. If all components pass all tests, the model is introduced for sale.

Excavators & Shovels

Hitachi Mining excavators are designed, engineered and manufactured to provide outstanding productivity and the lowest competitive cost of operation.

Many Hitachi shovels are still being efficiently operated past the 100,000 hour mark. And more than a few have outlasted the pit and sometimes even the entire mine that they started to dig.


Simply put, our trucks are designed to move the most amount of net payload possible, as quickly and as safely as possible, at the lowest total cost - based on the package of purchase price, uptime/productivity and maintenance costs.

Our truck frame is still the strongest in its class. The unique trailing-arm suspension, pioneered by Euclid years ago, minimizes frame stress and fatigue while providing lower tire wear and better steering.

A Hitachi-designed and -manufactured IGBT propulsion package provides the simplest, most dependable IBGT system available. It represents the best of Hitachi electrical technology and is the only system 100-percent designed and built by a truck manufacturer.

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Remote Machine Monitoring

Remote Machine Monitoring

Hitachi’s Machine Monitoring Systems give you the power to monitor location, functions, hours and other essential machine data.