ZX225US LC-3

Reduced-Tail-Swing Excavators

Features & Specs

Arm Force (ISO)
22,924 lb. (102 kN)
Bucket Force (ISO)
29,099 lb. (129.4 kN)
Swing Speed
13.3 rpm
Dig Depth
22 ft. (6.7 m)

Power. Performance. Reliability.

The ZX225US LC-3 delivers all the power, ease of operation and accuracy you’ve come to expect from larger Hitachi excavators, in an easy-to-maneuver, compact package. With its tight tail-swing radius, it’s perfect for working very close to impediments.

Product highlights

  • Reduced-tail-swing design allows it to rotate freely within a small radius, allowing more productivity maneuvering around obstacles and in confined spaces, such as buildings, foundations or other structures.
  • Fuel-efficient Tier-3 emission-certified Isuzu diesel engine delivers power without compromise in all conditions.
  • The ZX225US LC-3 packs tungsten carbide thermal coating on the arm-to-bucket joint, welded boom bulkheads and reinforced resin thrust plates for a strong frontal system to ensure the deliverability of unsurpassed durability and more uptime.
  • ZXLink™ wireless communications system.
  • Simplifies service by using the vertical spin-on fuel/water filters that are positioned in the right rear compartment of the cab.
  • The ZX225US LC-3 has a large, 85-gal. fuel tank and a 500-hour engine oil-change to a 5,000-hour hydraulic oil-change interval that enables it to work for long periods of time between service stops.

Better performance

At the heart of the excavator is the turbocharged Isuzu engine and our own patented HIOS III hydraulic system. Rugged and remarkably fuel efficient, the Tier-3-certified engine outperforms the competition and excels at any altitude, in any condition without sacrificing productivity. These ultra-short excavators can simultaneously propel, dig and rotate in tight areas and tough conditions with little operator effort.

Improved hydraulics

Operating the ZX225US LC-3, you’ll notice the smooth, responsiveness it exudes when on the jobsite. Engine performance and hydraulic flow are perfectly balanced for smooth, efficient operations. What is the result? An increase in swing torque for faster cycle times. Plus faster arm roll-in and boom-lower/arm movement. You can move more dirt in a day, work more efficiently and productively, adding profit to your bottom line.

Fuel-efficient engine

The ZX225US LC-3 engine is certified to EPA Tier-3 emissions, coupling fuel efficiency without sacrificing productivity. The engine also features a strong cold weather starting ability and can run at higher altitudes without adjustment.

Monitor system

The intuitive, multifunction, multi-language and color LCD monitor will provide you with instant data records such as engine speed, temperature and average fuel consumption. And the operator can program auxiliary attachment flow through the LCD monitor. If you are changing attachments, just match the hydraulic flow to the attachment by using the LCD monitor – there is no need to even leave your seat.

Comfortable cab

Roomy and comfortable, your operators will love the cab with all its space and standard amenities. A large expanse of glass across the front and sides, narrow front cab posts, a large front window and numerous mirrors provide excellent visibility. And silicone-filled cab mounts effectively isolate operators from noise and vibration.

Three power modes

Three power modes allow the driver to pick the best option for the job at hand. The E (economy) mode is great for those dedicated to fuel economy, and is perfect for light-duty work. It reduces fuel consumption from eight to twelve percent by lowering the engine speed without sacrificing productivity. It also reduces noise levels. The P (standard) mode provides an excellent balance of power and fuel economy for most tasks. It controls the engine speed from slow to fast idle in response to the position of the engine speed dial. The H/P (high-power) mode increases engine speed to boost horsepower for working in hard digging conditions. Then, once the resistance is overcome, the engine RPM automatically returns to normal.

Simplifying service

There’s no reason servicing an excavator should be complicated. The large, easy-to-open service doors provide ample access to conveniently grouped service points. Extended service intervals and remote mounted fuel filters quicken periodic maintenance. And the precision-finished cylinder blocks reduce engine oil consumption by 30 to 50 percent.

Operating Weight

53,936 lb (24,487 kg)

Net Power

159 hp (118 kW)

Travel Speeds

2.2 to 3.4 mph (3.5 to 5.5 km/h)

Bucket Capacity

0.52-1.43 yd3 (0.40-1.09 m3)

Max. Lifting Capacity

22,077 lb (10,014 kg)*
* Limited by hydraulics



Engine Make / Engine Model

Isuzu Al-4HK1XYSA-02

Non-Road Emission Standards

Certified to EPA interim Tier-3 emissions


317 cu. in. (5.193 L)

Net Power (ISO9249)

159 hp (118 kW) @ 2,000 rpm

Hydraulic System


Open center, load sensing auxiliary hydraulic flow adjustable through monitor

Main Pumps

Two variable-displacement axial piston pumps


Maximum rated flow: 2 x 56 gpm (2 x 212 L/min.)

Pilot Pump

One gear


Maximum rated flow: 7.9 gpm (30 L/min.)

System Operating Pressure


Implement Circuits

4,980 psi (34 336 kPa)

Travel Circuits

4,980 psi (34 336 kPa)

Swing Circuits

4,410 psi (30 406 kPa)


Pilot levers, short stroke, low effort; hydraulic pilot controls with shutoff lever

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