Reduced-Tail-Swing Excavators

Features & Specs

Arm Force (ISO)
7,209 lb. (32.1 kN)
Bucket Force (ISO)
12,368 lb. (55.0 kN)
Swing Speed
10.5 rpm
Dig Depth
15 ft. 1 in. (4.61 m)

Maximum power in a small package

Don’t be fooled by the small size of the ZX75US-3. This ultra-short radius excavator is perfect for light residential and other work in confined job sites, like urban renewal projects in big cities and highway applications. This excavator delivers all the power, smoothness, precision and ease of operation you’ve come to expect from our larger Hitachi excavators – in an easy-to-maneuver package.

Product highlights

  • Backfill blade shape is more productive and easier to see by the operator and provides additional machine stability.
  • Exceptional drawbar pull delivers plenty of power for backfilling trenches or transporting material around jobsites. 
  • Pilot-control operated, box-constructed integral blade works well for backfilling and grading, making this highly versatile machine even more capable. 
  • The spacious, well-appointed, isolation-mounted cab is quiet and provides excellent all-around visibility. 
  • Go from backhoe to excavator-style controls with just a twist of the optional control pattern selector-valve. 
  • Tungsten-carbide coated surfaces and oil-impregnated boom, arm and bucket bushings deliver unsurpassed long-term durability. 
  • Optional ZXLink™ wireless communications system.

Better performance

At the heart of the excavator are the turbocharged Isuzu engine and our own patented HIOS III hydraulic system. Gutsy, rugged and remarkably fuel efficient, the Tier-4-certified engine outperforms the competition and work very well at high altitudes without sacrificing performance. These ultrashorts can simultaneously propel, dig and rotate with little operator effort.

Improved hydraulics

When you operate the ZX75US-3, you’ll quickly notice the smooth, responsive way our excavators go about their business. Engine performance and hydraulic flow are perfectly balanced for fast, smooth and precise operations. The result? An increase in swing torque for faster cycle times. Plus faster arm roll-in and boom-lower/arm movement. This means you get more dirt moved more quickly at every job and more profit added to your bottom line.

Fuel-efficient engine

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system reduces fuel consumption with an isochronous-controlled electronic governor and a common rail-type fuel-injection system. The engine also features good cold weather starting ability and can run at higher altitudes without adjustment.

Monitor system

The intuitive, multi-language LCD monitor will provide you with instant data records such as engine speed, temperature and average fuel consumption. There is also a convenient plug-in for downloading the same information to a PDA or laptop computer.

Comfortable cab

Roomy and comfortable, your operators will love the cab. A large expanse of glass on the right side, narrow front cab posts, a large overhead window and numerous mirrors provide excellent visibility. And silicone-filled cab mounts effectively isolate operators from noise and vibration.

Two power modes

The E (economy) mode is perfect for light-duty work, reducing fuel consumption from eight to twelve percent by lowering engine speed – without sacrificing productivity. It also reduces noise levels. The P (standard) mode provides an excellent balance of power and fuel economy for most tasks. It controls the engine speed from slow to fast idle in response to the position of the engine speed dial.

Simplifying service

There’s no reason servicing an excavator should be complicated. The large, easy-to-open service doors feature ample access to conveniently grouped service points. Extended service intervals and remote mounted fuel filters speed periodic maintenance. And the precision-finished cylinder blocks reduce engine oil consumption by 30 to 50 percent.

Operating Weight

17,743 lb (8048 kg)

Net Power

54 hp (40.5 kW)

Travel Speeds

1.9 to 3.1 mph (3.1 to 5.0 km/h)

Bucket Capacity

0.40-0.66 yd3 (0.31-0.50 m3)

Max. Lifting Capacity

7,676 lb (3482 kg)*
* Limited by hydraulics



Engine Make / Engine Model

Isuzu 4LE2X

Non-Road Emission Standards

Certified to EPA interim Tier-4 emissions


133 cu. in. (2.2 L)

Net Power (ISO9249)

54 hp (40.5 kW) @ 2,000 rpm

Hydraulic System


One Center, Load Sensing

Main Pumps

Three variable-displacement axial pumps


Maximum rated flow: 2 x 20.9 gpm + 16.3 gpm (2 x 79.2 L/m + 61.6 L/m)

Pilot Pump

One gear


Maximum rated flow: 5.3 gpm (20 L/m)

System Operating Pressure


Implement Circuits

3,771 psi (26 000 kPa)

Travel Circuits

4,554 psi (31 400 kPa)

Swing Circuits

3,626 psi (25 000 kPa)


Pilot levers, short stroke, low effort; hydraulic pilot controls with shutoff lever

Download the Specs Brochures for the ZX75US-3.

Not all models available in all countries. Service and support may also vary by region. Please contact a dealer for more information.